Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sketching MOMA PS1

Spring is here and it was nice - but not nice enough to be outside sketching with the group.  Fierce winds were the order of the day.  Fortunately Peggy Roalf planned a wonderful indoor day for us.

It was my first visit to PS1 and while I enjoyed the museum visit I was stumped on what to sketch.  The first room I visited turned out to the be the most interesting.  It was a room filled the steam heating and hot water pipes that serviced the building.  All the pipes had been painted a golden yellow color and seemed to glow in the semi dark room like holy objects.

Glowing Like Holy Objects

After we were done at PS1 we walked to the LIC Bar,  a cozy neighborhood watering hole.  Urban Sketchers took over the back where we conducted our Show and Tell sharing the work we'd done that day.

I did a quick sketch of Nick as he was busy sketching some other people in our group.   A group of architects came in and ended up sitting out our long table. Luis chatted them up telling them all about Urban Sketching, while I sketched one of them.

Sketching a Sketcher Sketching

Listening to Luis Talking about Urban Sketching


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  2. Nice sketches, Mark!!! I think if I had gone there it would have been a bit too much "deja vu" being back in a NYC public school. lol


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