Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Full Day of Sketches from Ronkonkoma to Roosevelt Island

Sketching on the train going to and from the city is a good way to pass the time on my 1hr 21 min trip to the city from Ronkonkoma. There are so many interesting characters...if I plan my seat so I can see someone. LOL On the way home there was hardly anybody nearby to sketch...something rare. I did catch a few people on the way into the city and one young man on the way home.

I was at the Roosevelt Island Tram before everyone so I climbed up to the entry level to sketch it leaving. It was a great view from up there.

I walked with Laura over to check out the ruins of the Smallpox Hospital...

then I did a quick sketch of the memorial before lunch.

After a long walk to the northern end of the island we arrived at the lighthouse and I think we all had a good time sketching it.

Here are a few photos of the other sketchers at the lighthouse.

Drinks with the other sketchers at the end of the day topped off a good day!

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  1. A wonderful collection Joan. My favorite is the one of the cable car, which shows just how precarious the whole thing is. I appreciated that you included the photographs. Well done.


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