Monday, April 20, 2015

"Binge Sketching" Defined

Binge sketching is a pattern of disordered drawing which consists of episodes of uncontrollable production of sketches. It is synonymous with “compulsive oversketching disorder.” During such binges, a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount of ink and sketchbook paper. Many people who have sketching binges try to hide this behavior from others or seek outlets among other sketchers such as those who attend NY Urban Sketch events. It is often accompanied by euphoria but can result in exhaustion and loss of productive work-time and time with family. Although people who do not have any sketching disorder may occasionally experience episodes of oversketching, frequent binge sketching is often a symptom of compulsive oversketching disorder. Binge sketching occurs more commonly in the Spring when the weather turns warm and peaks in the summer months. Persons with binge sketching disorder are sometimes antisocial and often spend excess amount of time in art supply stores or trolling the internet late at night for paints, pens, and brushes. 

The following sketches were produced during a mad sketch binge that lasted most of the weekend, starting in Madison Square by the Flatiron building, moving on to Roosevelt Island with the NY Urban Sketchers, and ending at a bar near Second Avenue by the Queensborough Bridge:

And a big THANK YOU to my NY Urban Sketch enablers!  Follow me on Instagram @jlevinemd and see more sketches on my Google Page.


  1. I assume binge sketching has no cure...or none that any of us want to find. lol Great sketches, Jeff. Thanks for the most flattering sketch anyone has done of me yet.

  2. Thanks for the comment Joan, it was a pleasure sketching with you, and sketching you!

  3. Binge Sketching is the Cure!

    Wonderful sketches Jeff. I am particularly impressed by your Joan portrait. I've done more miserable failed attempts trying to do her justice. My favorite is the double spread with you peaking from behind.

  4. Thanks Mark as always. My double spread is on Instagram if you want to take a peek: @jlevinemd.

  5. Thank you for identifying my disorder! ;-) Is that last sketch Joan Tavolott?? It looks just like her! !

    - Tina


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