Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bowling Green Park, June 14, 2015

(This is a compilation of two blog posts)

Defeated by the architecture of the Custom House I moseyed through the gate and sat on a shady bench with a view.
Everyone was very accommodating.
Zainab won the Most Sketched Sketcher Award that day as was revealed later while at Beckett's restaurant.
And let's not forget the ever present tourists.
Sketched from life in NYC's Bowling Green Park.

Substrate is a folder from a recent Christies preview - consisted of large card stock folded into four pages. It has been cut down so it is not as tall. It was gessoed with black & white gesso to make a gray background, collaged with old newspaper fragments.

Mechanical pencil,Sharpie fine and medium tip pen; Pitt Brush pens;)


(And some iPad drawings done after I finished the drawings shown above completely)

There was a political/Green Party/ecological/Buddhist Monk/microphone/cameraman kind of loud shouty thing going on just outside the park gate. Background noise and background images and I even scribbled a bit of the other wonderful sculpture that fronts the American Indian Museum. The guy next to Marc was really digging all the speeches and took random notes.

Lesley is a sketcher but she was talking to the person next to me and kept moving around. Sketchers are not supposed to move!

He managed to sleep during the amplified speeches.

At 3:15 we all gathered and walked to Beckett's for a drink/whatever and show and tell. The street was closed to traffic and the restaurants/bars on the block had long umbrella-covered tables in the "cobbled" road. I didn't know this existed here. It was crowded, bustling and delightful.
(Process for the four iPad drawings:
Pad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: #1&3 Procreate and ArtRage. #2&4 Finngr Pro and ArtRage. Color was added later at home.)


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