Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sketching at Riverside South Park

It was a refreshingly cool overcast day at Riverside South Park. In the morning, looking south from a recreational pier, I focused on the towering gantry once used to transfer rail cars between barges and the tracks of the rail yard previously located here.

In the afternoon, as drizzle turned to rain, I sketched the same scene from the south.

Serious rain held off until our planned 3 pm meeting time when we walked over to Josie's for a delightful show and tell.


  1. Great idea to sket h the same scene from two directions. I particularly like the first version.

  2. I love that you sketched the same scene from different vantage points and that each one had a bit of a different style. Your hand and the showers made that second one nice and loose. Great sketching with you!


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