Monday, June 29, 2015

Sketching Riverside South

The weather report was lousy but we dodged the rain and had a great day sketching.

Riverside South is first cousins with the High Line.  Similar esthetic but laid out on a more generous scale with intimate water views.  There are sections where it feels like your standing in the middle of a wild field with a NYC Skyline above the tall grass.

The Park is a strange mixture of old dilapidated abandoned NY and new ultra shiny NY.  There a remnants of the abandoned train structure that brought goods into the city 120 years ago,

And there are beautiful plantings everywhere.  It must have been an Urban Landscape Architect's dream job and it was executed beautifully.

Anytime I'm out sketching it's the people around me who seem most fascinating.  I spotted a couple a few tables away.  

 The guy had a fantastic beard and was sitting pretty still in profile deep in conversation.

 I sketched him and then later went over to say hi, introduce myself and show him the sketch I'd done.  Happily, Tucker seemed delighted having been the unsuspecting subject - which was nice.

Got a chance to try to do some of the other sketchers including Jeff, Joan and Julie

Later as we were ordering drinks and food at Josie's Restaurant  getting ready for our Show and Tell  I did a quick sketch of Julie, Laura and Joan who were sitting on the opposite side of the table.


  1. That was really a perfect location with good views and shelter when it started to shower. Nice job on your sketches...especially all your willing models. lol

  2. Wonderful sketches. So full of life!


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