Thursday, June 25, 2015

NTC Urban Sketcher's Portrait Party

Remember when it was so cold we couldn't sketch outdoors?  

At the beginning of February we had the Second Annual New York City Portrait Party.  The Portrait Party is like the sketching equivalent of running a marathon, it's exhausting.  It is hours of non-stop sketching.  Each portrait takes 10 minutes and we went from sketching one person to the next with practically no pause in between.  

The photos in this video were generously shared by Sara Shin who tirelessly snapped pictures of us for hours as we worked.  

The relentless pace has an interesting liberating effect.  Are you sometimes plagued by an annoying inner voice that comments in your head about  every line and artistic choice you make?  A critical voice that second-guesses what you're doing?  What I've noticed is that the voice can't keep up.  Sketching at Portrait Party pace you're left alone, free to create what you will.  It's exhilarating!

Looking at this video I'm brought back to the frozen days of February and one of the best sketching events of the year  I hope you enjoy it.  And thanks again Sara!

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  1. Wonderful video of a very interesting and challenging event. I'm sorry I missed it. Thank you Sara and Mark.


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