Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Date: Saturday July 16, 2022 with Elaine Langer. From 10 AM to 1 PM
Location: Conservatory Water (model sailboats), Central Park, NY
Pastels for Urban Sketchers
Pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance to achieve a wonderfully luscious, velvety texture. The deep, rich colors are easy to blend and when used well, they have a splendid luminosity.
Are you looking to try a new medium that puts a lot of color down quickly? Are you interested in texture and creating paintings that feel alive? This workshop is for you. Pastels are pure pigment sticks that allow you to quickly put color down. We are going to learn how to use pastels to enhance our Urban Sketching.

What Will We Do?
  • We will learn how to quickly block colors down in big bold shapes.
  • We will learn how to use color to create bold colorful cityscapes in pastel, in Central Park - one of the most well known parks in the world.
  • We will learn about pastels. I will do a demo on pastel techniques and how to layer colors quickly.
  • Once we have had a chance to choose a spot, everyone will start on their painting.
  • We will share and discuss experiences

  • Pastel Paper: Recommend buying UART Paper (400 grit) Blick, Jerrys Artorama and Dakota Pastel carry this paper. Other pastel papers are ok to bring, but the BEST experience would be UART Paper.
  • Nupastels Set of 36 or 48
  • Other pastels are encouraged, especially if you already have Rembrandts or Senneliers.
  • Board with Clips to work on. Artist tape is also great if you have it already. We will need to attach our paper to a hard service (foam board, clip board etc)
  • Baby wipes

  • All supplies can be found at Blick or Jerry's Artorama.
  • In addition, but not necessary, you may also purchase a small set of soft pastels. I recommend the Richeson Soft Handrolled Pastels –Color Wheel Primary, Set of 20. These are small and bright in addition to your Nupastels. Again, they are not necessary but they add pops of color.

Attendance is limited so if this sounds like an exciting workshop and a topic you'd like to explore - click here to reserve your spot:

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