Sunday, July 10, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at Battery Park Wednesday

Château Clinton | Voyage New York
Castle Clinton

Join us this week as we explore Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan.  Abundant with sketching opportunities for all tastes, we will be able to capture another area below 14th Street for our upcoming winter Art Expo.
Marisol's Memorial on the Water | Art Nerd New York
Merchant Marine Memorial

File:"The Immigrants" Sculpture At Battery Park.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
The Immigrants
Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park
Entrance to Robert Wagner Park

Whether you choose one of the many war memorials, the facade of Castle Clinton, the lawn at Robert Wagner Park with views of the harbor, or one of the beautiful flower gardens near the Museum of Jewish Heritage, you will have chosen well.  

Bring a stool and your lunch and be ready to enjoy a day at the very edge of Manhattan.

Portfolio | H. David Hartman Impressions
Flower Garden at Robert Wagner Park




LOCATION:  We will meet in front of Castle Clinton just off Battery Place.

TRANSPORTATION:  4, 5 to Bowling Green 


Meet in front of Castle Clinton

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
Bring a stool and lunch or purchase something from the local vendors

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