Sunday, July 17, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at Elizabeth Street Garden

NY_NYC_ElizabethStreetGarden_06_ESG.JPG | Garden features, Black eyed  susan, Public garden

Of all the gardens in NYC, the Elizabeth Street Garden is truly unique.  It is part of the history of the Lower East Side: it is a bit unkempt, very quirky, fun to be in and fabulous to draw.  Come and spend the day with lions, funerary urns, reclining ladies and a strange array of artifacts hauled in from buildings being taken down in the neighborhood.  Come and enjoy the scenery, the flowers and the shade of the trees that are interspersed between the architectural artifacts. 

If you have been here before, you will find new and interesting things to draw.  If you have never been here you in for a wonderful treat. Come and celebrate this truly odd and remarkable place before the developers come and take it away.   

Lawsuits filed against Elizabeth Street Garden affordable housing project -  Curbed NY


STARTING TIME:  11:00 AM (That's when the garden opens)

LOCATION: Elizabeth Street GARDEN
                        Elizabeth Street between  Spring and Prince Streets

TRANSPORTATION:  6 Train to Spring Street.  Walk East for three block and turn left onto Elizabeth Street. 

Elizabeth Street Garden Reopens Post-Shutdown | Bowery Boogie


  • Kristen Zimmermann will be hosting this event.  
  • Looking for the group? Call or text Kristin at 917-673-6867
  • Seating is available but bring a stool for best sketching angles
  • Bring a hat, bug spray,  sun screen and water.  Lunch and show and show and tell will be at 1:00 PM
  • There are no services in the park. Bathrooms are available in nearby restaurants. (you might have to buy a coffee).  There is no water or food service. Bring what you need with you.

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