Sunday, March 19, 2023

Portrait Party 2023


Our Eighth Annual Portrait Party - 2023

New York City Urban Sketcher's Eighth Annual Portrait Party will be held on

the afternoon of  Sunday, March 26th 

in the Gymnasium of the High School of Art and Design

There is no event like it.  


It's not really Urban Sketching

but it’s a lot of fun ​it will improve your drawing skills, tax your creativity. 

The Portrait Party is hours of non-stop sketching.  Each portrait takes 10 minutes and we move from one portrait to the next. Ten minutes is not a lot of time, but I promise you will quickly figure out an effective strategy.


PLEASE NOTE:  This event is very structured so please read everything below:



1.  Your COMMITMENT:   Registered Participants commit to staying for the entire time.  Your work ​will be needed to create the GRID.

a).  Plan to arrive at 11:30 AM at the High School of Art and Design 245 E 56th St.  We will be in the gymnasium.  We will be organizing and doing warm ups.

b).  We will start drawing at Noon​, 12:00 PM ​promptly.  Please don’t  arrive late.  


2.  DETAILS:  Each Registered Participant will be supplied with Portrait Party paper.  High quality 9 x 12 140 pound watercolor paper - one sheet for each portrait.  The paper is yours to keep.  You cannot use your own paper.   We want all the portraits to be the same size.  

​ ​a).   Each participant needs to bring their own pens, markers watercolor etc.

b).  We will need two sets of volunteers, Team Leaders who have been to previous Portrait Parties, and Paper People.  Send me a note if you’re interested in helping


3.  The GRID:  When we're done we will be arranging the finished work to form a grid (see pictures) so your work needs to be visible at a distance.  That means you need to work BOLD.  You cannot work in pencil.  Bring markers, dark pens, watercolor - BOLD!  Your work must be readable at twenty feet.  Using only pencil is not acceptable. 


a).  TIMING:  Each portrait must be completed in ten minutes - use a medium that allows you to cover the paper quickly.


b).  We'll be sketching round-robin style, so you'll get a chance to sketch everyone in your group and everyone will get a chance to sketch you. 

(​This is the reason you can not come late or leave early.​)​


4.  CONFIRMATION:  You will get a confirmation email once you are successfully registered.

5  We are charging $10 per sketcher plus the Eventbrite fee​(Eventbrite adds $1.26 to process our orders) ​Your fee is to help rent the space we’ll be using and to purchase the paper you’ll be given.

6.  The closer we get to Sunday the more difficult it will be to provide a refund if you need to cancel.

7.  People will be assigned to groups arbitrarily​. We ​will not make changes​.​

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