Sunday, March 12, 2023

Weekday Sketchers at LIRR Terminal

MTA opens Grand Central Madison station: How it came together

Its deep underground, has the longest escalators in the city, has beautiful art work and according to one pundit, has that "new train station smell" (meaning it doesn't smell bad)!  

Can you guess what is it?

Its the new Long Island Rail Road Terminal on the east side officially called Grand Central Madison

Talking Transportation: The New Grand Central - The Connecticut Examiner

Join us this week as we explore the newest addition to the NYC transit system.  Built in a man-made cave 15 stories underground the new LIRR terminal is a technological and artistic tour d'force.  The corridors are big and shiny bright with interesting quotes from quintessential New Yorkers (Yoko Ono, Seinfeld and Georgia O'Keefe) carved into the walls.  The escalators take two minutes to ride down to the mezzanine level and  end at a plaza with Kiki Smith murals. The main waiting room has video art and the concourse level as a full city block mural by Kusama.  Oh, and one thing more....the bathrooms are gorgeous!

For more information about the facility and the art work, click here:

Click here for an article in Time Out NY about the station:

Yayoi Kusama & Kiki Smith's Mosaic Murals at Grand Central Madison NYC  January 25 2023 - YouTube
Kusama Mural on the Madison Concourse level

We will start our day in the Main Hall by the Kusama mural adjacent to the ticketing area off of Vanderbilt Ave between 47 and 48 Street.  We will sketch the terminal for a while then then if time and interest allows we can walk to the Main Library to continue sketching. 

Click here for information about the NYPL:

LIRR to Initiate Full Service to Grand Central Madison ...



                        Main Hall by in front of the Kusama mural near the ticket counter 

TRANSPORTATION: Any line that will take you to 42nd Street on the east side

See Yayoi Kusama and Kiki Smith's Grand Central Madison Mosaics - The New  York Times
Kiki Smith Mural Mezzanine Level


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at 
  • Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • There are multiple ways to enter the area from the street, the subway near the shuttle and from Grand Central food hall.  There are two elevators (47th and 48th Streets) at street level that will take you down to the Concourse level.  They might be a bit hard to find behind some construction barriers.  Check the map for details
  • Bring a stool
  • Water and bathrooms are available. 
  • Food is available in the Grand Central Terminal Food Hall
  • Bring lunch or a snack. Depending on time and interest we can break for lunch at the terminal or move on to the library. 

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