Wednesday, July 5, 2023

SATURDAY: Sketch the Gladiators


This event was discovered and planned by Marion Hammon

Sketching is a passion for most of us, but every once in a while it becomes clear that NYC, our home,  is very fertile ground for OPP - Other People’s Passions.  

This weekend prepare to go back in time, we’re going to be sketching castles, knights, and armed battle.  

NYC Gladiators conduct endurance training, hand-to-hand combat training and they learn about weapons and armor techniques.  Gladiators NYC is taught/lead by contestants from the History Channel's Knight Fight TV show. Ultimately, they work their way up to joining Gladiators NYC's armored combat team, and fight in regional, national, and international tournaments.


What:   Join us sketching in Central Park

Where:   Our first view will be Belvedere Castle. We’ll meet at the southern end of the Great Lawn.  There’s a small lake with a rock outcropping.  Belvedere Castle, (It’s the home of the NYC Weather Observatory.  When they quote NYC temperatures it’s coming from the castle.)  Do not go to the Castle, it’s the view that we want.  We’ll meet on the lawn looking across the lake at the castle.

When:  NOTE: Not our usual time:   Sketching starts at 11 AM and runs until 4 PM on Saturday, July 8, 2023..   We’ll be sketching the gladiators in the afternoon after lunch.

Lunch:  12:30 PM.  Buy food from the many carts and vendors in the park or Bringyourowni

Afternoon:  1:30 PM - Back to sketching.  We’ll walk to the PM area to sketch the gladiators.

Show and Tell:  4 PM  Location to be determined but it will probably be near the tournament area where we'll be sketching in the afternoon.

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-    Stools are always a plus - they give you more options.

-    Prepare for sun.

If you can’t find us

call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

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