Friday, April 19, 2024

Erin Hill Two Workshops May 19 and May 21 2024


Two Erin Hill Workshops 

May 19, 2024-The Big Picture in Little Pieces

New York City
When: May 19, 2024
Where: Meet at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, 30 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011 for an overview of the class. Then, we walk to Washington Square Park.

Erin Hill is an accomplished artist and teacher who resides in Australia. She teaches workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe. To learn more about Erin and her work, visit her website at

Erin will begin by taking a double page spread of a sketchbook and start with a decorative title at the top of one page. Then she will show you how to sketch everything all over our pages choosing anything or size you like. We may start with our coffee, but move on to people we see, parts of the Washington Square Arch, plaques and signage, anything historical, trees and foliage, and birds and other wildlife. We will include notes on what we see around the page.

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May 21, 2024-People in Action

When: May 21, 2024
Where:Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation , 468 Rosedale Ave, White Plains, NY 10605.

Erin will start by teaching students about human proportions through mannequins. By seeing mannequins on a table in a variety of poses, students will learn about proportions in a fun and easy way. We will take time to observe the angles the body takes and sketch it as we see it. We’ll sketch as many as we can over our page and then add color.

In a second exercise, we will observe our sketching friends in action. And finally there will be a third exercise that Erin will explain at the time. This one causes great hilarity. The goal of the exercises will be for students to become comfortable with adding people to their other art works.

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