Friday, April 26, 2024

Weekday Sketchers Sketch Animal Sculptures in Central Park

Central Park has everything, even animals that play instruments and dance!

Delacorte Clock in Central Park - Constructed on a triple archway of brick,  the George Delacorte Musical Clo… | New york christmas, Bronze sculpture,  Nursery rhymes

This week we will celebrate the animals statues in Central Park, both realistic and imaginative.  We will gather by the Delacorte Clock where whimsical animals dance with instruments at all hours of the day.  Nearby are more animals both realistic and whimsical that can be our models.  For those who want to go a bit farther afield there is Baltho the Dog and The Hunt. as well as the storybook animals that surround Alice and Hans Christian Anderson near the boat pond.  And let's not miss the wonderful entrance gate to the Children's zoo. 

Questions, comments and RSVP directly to 
DO NOT respond to this email as you inquiry will go to a "dead letter" file. 

Miami In Focus Photo Gallery Featuring the Statues Of Animals Of Central  Park.New York City's Great, Hidden Animal Sculptures - The Dodo



                        NEAR THE Central Park ZOO
                        EAST SIDE OF THE PARK NEAR 64TH STREET

TRANSPORTATION:  N, R, W Train to 59th Street/ 5th Ave

The Top 10 Secrets of Central Park Zoo in NYC - Untapped New York
Children's Zoo

Alice in Wonderland
Hans Christian Anderson


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call or Text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Bathrooms and water are available
  • Plenty of benches but bring a stool for best sight lines

Balto Statue | Central Park Conservancy

Central Park on X: "Crouched on a rocky outcrop on the eastern edge of the  Ramble, Still Hunt depicts an American panther about to pounce. Created in  1881 by sculptor Edward Kemeys,
The Hunt

Bronze statue

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