Thursday, April 4, 2024



With thanks to iPad Pat, Shawne and Mel 
for their help with the planning

I apologize for the late announcement.  As crazy as it might seem I was having some doubts it would ever stop raining this week.  However it looks like we've got a great day for sketching on Saturday.

We haven't been to PS-1 for a while, and they have a busy day planned at the museum which should be fun.  You can see all that will be happening by clicking -->  THIS LINK

For everyone who loves to sleep late - good news!   The museum doesn't open until noon, so - no excuses!


Where:  MoMA's PS-1, located at 22-25 Jackson Ave, Queens,  (see map below)

When:   Start time - 1​2:00 PM Noon on Saturday, April 6, 2024.    ​Let's plan to be there until 4 PM

How:  S​ubways are nearby:

  • G, 7 - Court Square
  • E,F,M - Court Square - 23 Street

Lunch:  Although there are many restaurants and food places in the area it seems a waste to take time to eat together.  So either come well fed, or slip out on your own for a bite.

Show and Tell:   3:30 ​PM Location to be determined​ once we're there.  We’ll share drawings, tell good art stories, maybe we’ll even talk about art supplies!​  (I'm sure about the first one, the other two are up to you.)


   -  Bring a stool if you have one​ it gives you more options.

If you can’t find us

call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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