Saturday, November 23, 2013

Great Theatres Tour... Adjusted

Today the NYC Urban Sketchers planned to meet and sketch several theaters in Manhattan.
But good Urban Sketchers know they need to be flexible…and we were.

I took the LIRR from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station…of course I sketched along the way.

I had a pretty good view of this man on the train.

The ticket collector was a good model, but wasn't around for long.
I had to sketch really quickly.

This was another quick pencil sketch.

When I got off the train I decided to sketch the view across the street on 34th St and Seventh Ave. before I met the other sketchers.

When I met everyone by the Shubert Theatre on 44th Street at 11 o'clock, Mark, Pat, and Svetlana were freezing. It was cold and windy. They had also been sketching a while. Svetlana suggested that we relocated to her office building instead and paint the views from there. So we adjusted our schedule and decided to skip any more sketching by the theaters.

Svetlana's building takes up an entire block and has views from all sides. The first room we sketched from was on the 25th floor and we had some good views looking down. 
I thought the views of the rooftops and buildings were interesting
…not quite what you think of when you think of views of NYC.

Here is Mark painting. You can see we had lots of room to spread out.

Svetlana was sketching the view.

Pat was working digitally. It was interesting to watch her work.

Next we went to the 15th floor where we had a view of Times Square.
Marie joined us for her first time sketching with the group. Sorry I didn't get a photo of her at work.

I sketched the view of Times Square. The billboards there are hard to do because the designs on them are constantly changing. Here is what I painted.

And a closer view.

Then I did a view in a slightly different direction.

Svetlana was also sketching the billboards in Times Square.

Around 3 the group split up and headed off in different directions to do various things. I decided since we were supposed to be sketching the theaters today, I should at least give one a try. I headed back to 44th Street and sketched the Shubert Theatre where Matilda is currently playing. 
It was cold but I was able to sketch.

I headed home on the 5:13 train to Patchogue and had a view of a woman facing me 
for one last sketch of the day.

Once again it was a busy day of sketching. I hope to get in to meet 
with the Urban Sketchers again soon.


  1. i was so sorry to have to leave early. But, I see you had a productive day. My favorite is the Hobbit sign above the Subway entrance - so NYC

  2. I like your Times Square! It was such a challenge (at least for me) to not make it unrecognizable mess, but yours works.


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