He was reading the Sunday Times, was clean shaven, hair neatly trimmed, t-shirt looked fresh.  Two pieces of sturdy, nice looking luggage were next to his table and his jacket was draped over the back of the chair.  Well, no surprise there since we were in Penn Station.  I looked up from my book when activity from his vicinity caught my attention.  He held a coffee cup with his right hand and gesticulated energetically with the left as he made various points during the uninhibited argument (discussion?) with himself.  

I wanted to sketch him but my desire to eat my egg and cheese sandwich was stronger - until I spotted…..

After my breakfast, coffee and sketching, I left Penn Station and walked to the beginning/end  of the High Line (at 30th and Ninth Avenue), climbed the stairs and flew like the wind to the 16th Street stairway.  I usually walk to 14th Street but time was pressing so I got off a couple of blocks early and walked to 17th Street and headed East.  I was meeting the Central Park Sketching and Art Meetup Group at 11:00 in front of the Rubin Museum.
Eschewing (ha! First time I ever used this word - where has it been hiding?) the elevator, I started climbing the spiral staircase to the sixth floor but was sucked in by the photographs  on the fourth floor.

The museum was very accommodating to our large group of 30-40 artists.  They even had numerous small,  snazzy,  folding camp-like stools for us to carry around and sit on in order to sketch the artwork.  Afterwards we all met in the first floor cafe for lunch and to display our drawings to each other.

iPad; #1: Sketch Block app; #2&3: Sketch Club app; 
New Trent Arcadia stylus
ArtRage app for rough background.