Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writers, sketchers, teahouses, and leaves

A chilly, overcast morning and already the fingers were cold. The Famous Authors Sketch Tour began at 1 Washington Square North.
Mark on the left. 1 Washington Square North on the right.

We were okay until the cold began to affect our fingers. And everything else. So off we went in search of a warm place to rest for a while. Suma spotted this spot, and we ended up staying a few busy hours.

We each had a mug of tea, with a supplementary pot of hot water. 
Paper bags were wrapped around each lightbulb in the place.
A quirky touch, if rather alarming. 
Other patrons came and went, and others stayed for a while.
A student, one among few at the teahouse.
Joan sketching.

And then it was off again to continue our tour and brave the cold. 
A typical NYC tree.
10 Grove Street. I added the quote from "The Last Leaf" when I got home.
The crew towards the end of the day.

I hope to see many of you again next time!


  1. Mia, I love the mixed-media tea pot. Great tones made even better by including the Tea Shop logo etc. Excellent.

  2. Mia - Great sketches and photos of the group. I like the way you used the placemat pieces for the teapot sketch! I love how you keep parts of some of the sketches white. It makes them so dramatic. It was fun sketching with you...hope to do it again soon.

    1. Thank you. I had a teacher who didn't like my habit of leaving white. Of course, that just made me do it even more. XP It was fun sketching with you too!


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