Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sketch Historic Author's Homes in the West Village

Clearly I'm not ready of winter.  After a couple of cold months anything above freezing seems like a warm day.  It was above freezing but it was tough going when we went sketching on Saturday.

Henry James is home overlooking Washington Square Park

A few doors down the block from the James house we found the brownstone where Edward Hopper had his studio

We needed to find a place to warm up and found a great Tea Shop.   We ended up staying a couple of hours, sketching the patrons and each other.



The Tea Shop Patrons

The sun came out for a brief while and tempted us to leave the Tea Shop.  We walked crosstown to the street where O'Henry lived.  I've walked this block a number of time but never really realized what a gem it is.  There's a beautiful courtyard on the side.

O' Henry's House

We finished at the White Horse Tavern, in the late afternoon.  Unfortunately I have no sketches to share.  Clearly we need to go back, ... earlier, on a truly cold winter day.


  1. Considering the fact that the weather was so cold, I think we all did a lot of sketches...even if many of them were done indoors. Your sketches are always so fresh with so much energy. Nice job!!! Hope to get in again soon.

  2. I agree with Joan. Everyone did such great work even in the cold (and when we thawed at the teahouse). Really love your portraits.

  3. Nice themed locations, and real variety of sketches. Like the simplicity of the Hopper studio.

  4. Great sketches and love that my lime green fleece is immortalized in the portrait!


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