Saturday, November 23, 2013

Upper West Side and West Village - November 16 and 9

I am finally making my debut on the NYC Urban Sketchers’ blog (and in fact any blog), with a couple of sketches from two last Saturdays.

Last week we sketched some grand-looking apartment buildings in the Upper West Side. I am a slower urban sketcher and tend to fall behind the group. This time my tendency was exacerbated by the intimidating amount of details on the buildings, or I should rather say one building - the Dorilton on the 71st St - since I never really made it to its “friends” along Broadway. I really got carried away with the details and my sketches that day ended up being very architecture focused.

I took the same mood to the after-lunch location where I chose to draw the church of the Fourth Universalist Society of New York on Central Park West and 76th St. As a fun fact from Wikipedia, its tower (the one in the sketch) is used by NBC each November as its “high-tech command center” for live coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

And here is one more sketch from two weeks ago. I did it in the court yard of the St. Luke’s School in the West Village.


  1. Congratulations on finally making your debut here! The apartment building sketch is so good. I love all the details. Your line work is excellent. Love the shading on the church and the sketch of the school. You may be a slow sketcher but you do great work!

  2. Awesome! You're very talented! Slow and great is better than fast and sloppy, which is how I draw =)

  3. Thanks all for words of encouragement!


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