Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sketching in Southampton

I stayed here on Long Island this weekend since we had no location posted in the city.
I took a drive on Saturday to Southampton. Every time I've gone out there this fountain wasn't running, but it was yesterday.

Then I did a sketch of the traffic on Job's Lane.

And some people walking along one of the back streets.


  1. Oh, it is definitely fall! Wonderful color!

  2. Joan, really like the fountain you drew, very nice! Love the color of fall!

  3. I see you had a busy weekend. This felt like THE peak weekend for autumn color, - and you nailed it. If we look at your sketches in another month or two it will be hard to remember the fire and intensity of the trees you captured in your watercolors.

  4. Thanks Richard, Julie, and Mark! I'm trying to do as many autumn sketches as I can before the wind blows the leaves off the trees.


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