Sunday, November 10, 2013

Literary Lights Near NYU

Yesterday's jaunt through New York writer haunts in Greenwich Village began at Washington Square North -- the world of Edith Wharton, Henry James and others. Was wishing I'd brought fingerless gloves by the time I finished this sketch, it was so cold.
Washington Square North, New York, NY
Then we went in search of Louisa May Alcott's ghost, on MacDougal Street. When we spied a cozy-looking cafe across the street, we decided to pause our wandering and warm up over steaming mugs of tea. The minute we stepped in, we knew we'd want to spend a few hours -- it was exactly the sort of old-timey place you dream of stumbling upon as you stroll in the Village.
Tea Spot, New York, NY
The host graciously let us take over a table in the front and guided us through the extensive selection of teas. For subjects, we had the shop's ever-changing clientele, some of whom ordered drinks to go and some of whom lingered to read or gossip or tap away at a keyboard.
At the Tea Spot, New York, NY
A reader at the Tea Spot, New York, NY
I kept a few of the tea-stained placemats to paste into my sketchbook (they were a bit too buckled to draw on).
Tea Spot, New York, NY with pasted part of placemat
Tea Spot, New York, NY, with address from placemat


  1. Suma, it was great sketching with you again! I just love your style of sketching. You don't worry about your lines and they just fit...wiggly or straight or scribbly! I want to sketch like you when I grow up. lol I'm going to have to find a way to shrink my place mat so I can do something with it. Hope to see you soon.

  2. That first view looking down the street is a classic autumn view. A wonderful sketch - my favorite

    1. Thanks - decided to look down the street when my attempt at sketching the building didn't fare well!

  3. Wonderful set of sketches. My favorites are the first two -- such great lines and colors.


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