Sunday, November 30, 2014

Toto, I don't think we're in New York!

By popular request - well, okay, no, by request of Mark Liebowitz who created this blog - I'm posting a few sketches from a different city.  Mark says anyone who comes to NY urban sketching events can post other stuff too, so here we go!

View of the highway and high-rise buildings, from my office in downtown Beirut.   I just discovered what I can do using a little gouache over the water colors - great for night scenes!

This one - in duplicate - was done from the balcony of my apartment in Beirut.  I accidentally changed the image to black and white in Gimp (freeware photoshop clone) and then decided I actually like it better than the color version.

Beirut harbor at dusk is really lovely, as the lights start coming on in the houses and along the roads in the northern suburbs and on the mountains.  The gouache was great for this sketch.

And then I figured I should try one at night, see how that would work out.

I kind of like it.  Gold gouache is cool stuff, too!


  1. And I stand by my comment that all drawings are appreciated. You spend so little time in NYC and so much more time traveling to spots that seem exotic to me. I think we're enriched by your willingness to share these drawings, and besides a couple of them are gorgeous.

    For the record I did not create this blog, but I'd like to think I'm one of the biggest advocates and consider it the Official Journal of Record for the New York City Urban Sketching community.


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