Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sketching the Fire Museum

I met Pat on the way to the Fire Museum.  We discussed how remarkable it was that NYC had an entire museum devoted to Fire.  When we got there it turned out most of the museum was devoted to putting out Fires - a whole new twist.  They had fascinating vintage firefighting gear.  It was great fun to sketch and the people who ran the museum couldn't have been nicer and more friendly.

And of course no sketch event would be complete without the Mandatory Sketch of Jim.  I panicked when he announced he had to leave and I realized I hadn't gotten around to doing mine.  I begged him to stay a couple of minutes and he obliged:

Jim - looking impatient to leave

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  1. Did you know the pull boxes around NYC are still functional? In fact if you have a damaged one, you can call 311 and they will come and fix it!


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