Friday, November 14, 2014

Keeping Up with the Season

It was really the first day of the season where we had to juggle getting cold outside with running inside to warm up  It was also the day Rockefeller Center was putting up their Christmas Tree.

Trimming the Tree at Rockefeller Center

They erect a platform all around the tree so the workers can get it trimmed and decorated.  The tree dwarfs the statue of Prometheus and the firegiver dwarfs the tiny people on the platform

Skaters on Ice

The next obvious thing to sketch were the skaters.  The mix of skill levels on the ice was interesting to try to capture.

The View from Inside

Got cold and went in for a cup of tea.  We got seats near the window and tried to sketch the skaters again but this time from the warmth of indoors.


Did a quick sketch of the people at the next table who were seated by the window having an animated conversations.

Putting up the Lights

On the way back from lunch I sketched a man in a bucket lift putting up Christmas Lights on the trees in Rockefeller Center.

The Mandatory Picture of Jim

And of course I knocked off  a Mandatory Picture of Jim.  You'll notice Jim has switched from his summer Boston Red Sox baseball cap to his winter Boston Red Sox woolen ski hat and flannels - ... keeping up with the season.


  1. Nice assortment of sketches, Mark. I didn't realize you snuck inside to do some sketching move. Maybe we need to do a showing of "just Jim" sketches. lol


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