Sunday, November 8, 2015

9/11 Memorial Plaza

In contrast to the lingering summer of recent weeks, our day at the 9/11 Memorial Plaza promised — and delivered — overcast skies and chilly temperatures, weather that better suited late September than early November.

It was my first time visiting the memorial, which was quiet, understated, and provided space to quiet the crowds of visitors from devolving into a madding circus. 

When I arrived, our sketchers were already busy at work.

Some of my sketches from the morning:

Then lunch at Stage Door Pizza with the obligatory, but hurried, sketch (color added later):

Afterwards, some more sketching of St. Paul's.

From left: Susan, Joan, and Shawne.

A hawker (or crier) in his tiara:

And the last few small sketches of the day:

And the wrap-up and show-and-tell:

As always, thanks for a great day, and thanks to Mark again for organizing and leading the event.


  1. Love all the great photos of the day, as well as your sketches. I like the first sketch and that you only included part of Santiago's building. It reminds me of the skeletal ribs of an animal. Love the hawker with the headgear. lol It was a good day of sketching and sharing. Don't stay away so long this time!

  2. Agreed. Especially the part about - don't stay away so long!

  3. Thanks, Joan and Mark! It was a good day, and great sketching with you fun lot again. I am duly chastened, and promise to attend more events.


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