Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Gorgeous Day

Cold Spring

Although it didn't start out looking too good it developed into a sensational  peak autumn day at Cold Spring.

The streets were thronged with visitors out to see the fall foliage. They arrived by car, by train and by the boatload. We became part of their experience by looking picturesque painting the scene.   A tremendous number of people stopped to chat with us.

At the end of the day we went back to John's house where he and Karn had prepared hot apple cider and fresh home baked cookies.   John and Karn are truly the two nicest people on earth and were wonderful hosts.

Hugo reminded us that we've gotten away from taking a group shot at the end of the day.  In many ways our Show and Tell has replaced the group shot. No reason not to do both.   I felt bad that a number of sketchers were not able to join us at the end of the day and missed being in our group shot.

We had several first time sketchers including Robin shown in the photo above.  Meeting new sketchers is always a treat.

Hugo has worked out a strategy whereby he is always the last person to share is his work.  It was a really interesting group this weekend and we collectively did some really find sketches.


  1. Mark since Singapore your work has improved a lot. Thanks for the post!

  2. Love the sketches. I love the panorama on top. It just screams Hudson Valley.

  3. Great sketches from the day, Mark. Thanks for posting the photos too. It is great to see everyone having a great time.

  4. Great work as always Mark! You're going to have to show me how you scan and crop your work so precisely.


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