Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Marathon Sketching

While the NYC Urban Sketchers headed up to Cold Spring, I was a spectator at the NYC Marathon, with 50,000 runners, and I can't imagine how many friends and family and just passerbyer!  I was a cheerleader for my friends first marathon, and decided to bring my sketch book. It was a great venue.  Not only were the runners constant, but the spectators and volunteers were just, well, standing still!  I used some of the techniques I read about over the summer from "The Urban Sketcher's Pocket Handbook: People in Motion" by Gabriel Campanario and sketched runners using numerous different "like" individuals.

My favorite part of all was the signs, and I tried to write them down but my favorite was:
I really had fun here, sketching and cheering. But it is hard to sketch...standing and being constantly bumped. 
Ben did pretty well and really go the essence of the insanity.  He also wanted to be on TV and hoped one of those helicopters he drew was filming us.

My last sketch, was done of the volunteers. They wore bright green raincoats as the handed out tang? Gatorade?  Neon green powder (alien mix) mixed in large garbage cans.  I was amazed how made cups were ready, to go.  Just. So. Many. People.

I hate this sketch, but I like it.  Once again, we were bumped and prodded and asked to move.  So it was really difficult.  But Urban!

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  1. Can't think of a better application for "People in Motion". Seems like a very challenging Urban Sketching event. Cool sketches!


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