Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Briermere Farm Before Thanksgiving

Briermere Farm in Riveread is famous here on Long Island. People swear they have the best pies around (especially their blueberry cream). I've only tasted their strawberry-rubard pie and it was good, but that combination is not one of my favorites. I'll have to try another kind some day. Anyhow, for Thanksgiving they do an incredible business. People drive out there from as far as NYC, which is about 80 miles. Most customers order pies ahead of time and expect to stand on line anyway when they get there to pick them up.

I was thinking about where to go sketching today and decided to head out there to sketch the crowd. What a circus! It wasn't easy to find parking and I wanted to sketch from the car since it was cold out. I finally got a spot in the side lot that very few people seemed to realize is there. I didn't have much of a view but patiently waited for the person parked next to me to come back with their pies and leave. That spot had a good side view of the building between the trees. Most people were coming out with several pies and some with cartons filled with pies. LOL I watched the clock a few times to see how long people stood on line before they returned to their cars parked near me. It seemed to average about 15 minutes. I guess they thought the wait was worth it. I happily sketched, didn't buy a pie, and plan on making my pecan pie later today. I hope you have something delicious to share with your loved ones tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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