Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sketching Near Ground Zero

Susan and I headed into the city by subway on Saturday. That gave us some time for to sketch some of the passengers on the E train.

This was my first visit to the 9/11 Memorial and it was a bit overwhelming. Just looking at all the names inscribed on the walls around the pools was staggering, especially one that gave a woman's name and then said "and her unborn child." That sort of puts the whole thing in perspective.

I didn't want to stand too close to the wall and sketch because of the crowds so I sat back a ways and focused on some of the people standing there at the wall and the odd building by Santiago Calatrava ahead of them. I didn't include anyone taking a selfie.

There were a lot of fun people poses around the plaza as well as the lines and crowds of people to focus on.

After lunch a few of us sketched a view of St. Paul's from across the street.

I had a little time left for a quick sketch before we left for show and tell. This was done directly in watercolor. It was mostly wet-into-wet and it didn't dry enough to get much detail.

I would have liked to do a sketch of this view below, but would probably have needed physical therapy for my neck by the time I finished it. lol

I was really glad I tucked one of those permaloft winter jacskets into my backpack before leaving home. It kept me nice and warm.

Thanks, Mark, for organizing another great sketching day. It was fun to see some new faces again,  some of our regulars, and Mia who hasn't joined us in a long time.

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