Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One more reason to join us this Sunday:

Luminaries: A Canopy of Wishes

Inspired by the Festival Lights in Thailand, this installation created by the Rockwell Group (the brainchild behind the 2 beams of light near the World Trade Center site that commemorates 9/11), is comprised of 650 custom-built translucent lanterns embedded with LED lights which form an undulating magic carpet suspended 45 feet off the ground.

Luminaries includes three “wishing stations” scattered among the locale’s iconic grid of palm trees, where guests may make a “wish” by placing their hands on the touch-sensitive podiums. Upon its release, the glowing block sends a burst of color to the canopy above, which forms an abstract wave of light that travels across the lanterns. If multiple wishes are cast simultaneously, the colors intermix, creating an even more mesmerizing display.

Originally scheduled to be on display through the holidays, Luminaries has been extended through February 29th due to popular demand. Details about our day in Mark's post, below.

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