Monday, February 22, 2016

Sketching at the Conservatory

The idea that we'd be sketching outdoors in mid February is too amazing to believe, yet, that's what we were doing this past Saturday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

The first sketch however was done indoors in the bonsai garden.  The windows to the green house were open and the bonsais seemed as happy with the weather as I was.  Given that it was winter all the leaves were gone from this tiny old tree and it was easy to sketch the structure.

I enjoyed sketching the different roof lines.

This old tree was filled with burls, and bulges and interesting knotted shapes that were fun to draw.

At lunch I did a quick sketch of Tim.  It was his first time joining us sketching.

During Show and Tell at Tooker's Alley I was sitting next to Doug and did a quick sketch.

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  1. love the bonsai tree and sketching outdoors in February in New York City is a real treat!


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