Monday, February 1, 2016

Sketching Grand Central

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to join the NYC Urban Sketch group at Grand Central simply because I avoid crowds.  Also, as I live in the City and commute to work, I stay away from commuter hubs on the weekend just out of principle.  However I enjoy being with Sketchers and having the opportunity to share tips on esthetics and materials, so I grabbed my sketch bag and headed off to meet the Sketchers for the afternoon session.  

Once I sat down in a corner of the Station a Zen-like state fell over me, and all anxieties over rushing crowds and throngs of people disappeared.  These gestural figure studies were done with a Japanese ink-brush or a watercolor brush and graphite.  

So take a look, and cosy up into the right side of my brain - a place where I wish I could spend more time...


We had our show-and-tell over beers afterward at a great place on 39th Street called The Shakespeare.  Thanks Mark, for organizing the event.  It was great to share good times with the group.  Now its Monday and back to the left-brain grind!


  1. Great to spend a little time with you on the right side. Love these!!

  2. Thanks Joan for the kind words!

  3. These are breathtakingly elegant sketches, Jeff. They remind me of sumi-e, and the brush pen is ideal.



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