Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Upstairs/Downstairs at Grand Central

Susan and I took the LIRR from Ronkonkoma on Saturday. I didn't pass on the opportunity to get one sketch done, even when we magically found Suzala outside our train window when we got to her station. I used my iPad mini which I felt I was sort of neglecting lately.

Suzala had us get off at Woodside and switch to the 7 train that took us right into Grand Central. That's where the fun began. As the morning passed the terminal got more active and more crowded. I was selective with the people in the crowd that I included. Here are my two sketches done upstairs.

We lunched at the food court downstairs and then all went off to selected spots to sketch. I headed for the "Leather Spa" which seemed to have a bit of a wait. It gave me the opportunity to sketch several people who were waiting their turn for a shine.

Directly to my right was Zaro's Bakery which looked very tempting in many ways. I moved a few yards to my left and rotated my chair 90 degrees to get this view. I liked that I could see some of the yummy foods, the workers, a few customers, and the signs for a few of the tracks. 

At our "show and tell" location I had a good view of some of my fellow sketchers across the table.

Heading home I was able to capture a few ladies that were sitting opposite us on the other side of the train. They were cooperative models. By that time I was too tired to bother adding color to my ink lines.

It was a full day of sketching!

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