Monday, April 21, 2014

4/19/2013 Sketching the Gowanus Canal

For some of us, getting to the sketch event for Saturday was as simple as boarding the
water taxi at Pier 11 and being whisked away to Red Hook. Sketching started directly
we began the trip.

 We debarked at the Ikea facility which is located on the Erie Basin in Upper New York Harbor.
 Remnants of the wharf infrastructure are preserved there, including cranes, winches and bollards.

We then strolled some of the industrial areas of Red Hook and joined up with the Gowanus
Conservancy group that would show us the canal and sketch with us.  Looking out from an
abandoned lot we got a view up the length of the canal which was a perfect place to start sketching.

And across the Canal was an asphalt plant with huge derricks and flanked by barges filled with

It was a gorgeous, cloudless day, and everyone probably got a little too much sun.  Thanks to the
Conservancy for hosting our visit to the Canal.


  1. Whose work is this? There's no name?!?!

    1. Sorry Mark, it is my first attempt at posting and i forgot to identify myself. Jim Welch

  2. Jim, you did a lot of sketching. It was an interesting area. Too bad Susan and I didn't get to meet up with the rest of you. We were all so close.


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