Monday, April 21, 2014

Gowanus Canal Sketchcrawl

The first stop of the day was on one of the drawbridges overlooking the canal. A decaying motorboat and shipping containers , another bridge, the elevated highway and the Kentile sign, as well as a construction crane were alll cramned into my first sketch.

This next view was from a parking lot looking at the roadway underneath the elevated train, and the view behind is the elevated highway. The very top row of windows was where our fellow sketches were waving to us!

The last sketch was done from a park, next to the parking lot at Whole Foods on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn. The sign said it is the greenest market in NY. The landscaping was lovely, with benches overlooking the canal. I saw an egret flying between two resting spots. There is a view of the Williamsburg savings bank, the Freedom Tower, The Bat building, and even wind turbines in the parking lot. There is also a second floor outdoor eating deck overlooking the water.

Joan sketching

A shot of an antique market we passed.

A stone/ cement yard along the canal

One of the views from the park at Whole Foods

A view of the Bat Building behind some of the wind turbines. They have a very sculptural look when they are twirling around.


  1. Great photos and sketches of our day. I like how you showed the structure above the Ninth St Bridge...and you have the sign in your sketch from the Union Street Bridge. It was an interesting area to sketch.

  2. I heard all about your sketchcrawl from Joan. Those were some complicated scenes (the kind that scare me because of all the architectural stuff and worrying about perspective, etc.), but you got some good sketches out of it. I especially like the one of the view under the bridge. Nice photos too!

  3. The first sketch of the decaying motorboat is particularly good. Also loved the photo of the tub with the manikin feet sticking out. And of course any photo of Joan is good


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