Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sketching the Bronx Community College Campus April 12, 2014

It was the first day where you could forget the veiled threat of a potential snow storm.  Spring has come to New York City.  The trees are still naked but feel like they're more than ready to spring to life.

The Bronx Community College campus exceeded my expectations.  
It has some wonderful buildings to sketch.

The gem is the Gould Memorial Library with its gorgeous dome and the Hall of Fame of Great Americans that flank the sides and back.  The Hall of Fame is a statue garden with busts of great Americans of the 19th Century.

There was a favorable long view of the library from the deck of the cafeteria, a good place to sketch fellow sketchers and the building.

I went into the library and took a Selfie with the golden dome as the background:


  1. Love the busts, Mark- and your selfie. Better leave before I confess my innermost secrets to you.

  2. I really like the way the sketches came out on the toned paper with the white highlights. It is a great way to highlight the sunlit areas. It was a really nice place to sketch...quite a variety of subjects in a compact area...and food too.

  3. excellent sketches! were you using ink and wash with some watercolor?

  4. The grey paper works well for your style. Love the busts also... and that selfie makes you look "heavenly" with that golden aura. Lots of interesting stuff to sketch there.


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