Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bronx Community College

Today we visited Bronx Community College. We lucked out and had sunny, mild weather (which we haven't had on a sketching day in a while here in NY). I sat facing Gould Memorial Library and sketched the view straight ahead.

Next to where I was sitting there was a magnolia tree just starting to bloom.

I headed for the Hall of Fame, which has busts of famous Americans in assorted fields.
We were up on a high hill and you could see the tops of the trees in the background.

I did a bust of Edwin Booth, who was a Shakespearean actor.

At lunch we shared our work and talked a bit before heading out for more sketching.
I did get a few photos of our members sketching.





I did a sketch of the top of Butler Hall.

Here is the bust of Abraham Lincoln and a view of part of the Hall of Fame.

At the end of the day we sat and shared our sketches. It is always so great to see the work everyone produced during the day. Here are a few photos.

Svetlana showing her work.

Hugh showing his sketches.

Then it was Swami's turn to share.

Mark had some great sketches.

Susan had some great sketches to show too.

And finally we posed for a group photo.

Mike, Joan (me), Hugh, Susan, Mark, Svetlana, Jim, and Swami

I think everyone had a great time today!


  1. I know I certainly had a great day. You forgot to mention that all your sketches were done - "Flying without a net" No pencil, no pen, just direct application of brush to paper - the most fearless form of Urban Sketching

  2. Thanks for mentioning it. It is always fun to try a sketch without being able to erase. Watercolor is a bit more forgiving than working directly in ink...or maybe it is just what I'm used to. I really enjoyed the day.

  3. Not easy getting the perspective of the buildings without the use of line. You did a really good job .


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