Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Sketching Scavenger Hunt - Clue #4

The Sketching Scavenger Hunt
Clue #4

The purpose of this game is to encourage you to post your work to the NYC Urban Sketchers website (http://nyc.urbansketchers.org/).  

The "Hunt" has been played out over four weeks.  Each week featured a new "Clue" that was posted and your job has been to do a sketch of that clue.

You are encouraged to use your creativity to interpret each clue.  Stay within the guidelines of our Manifesto - namely your sketch should be drawn on location and should tell the story of your surroundings,  where you live and where you travel.  You can complete these drawings at anytime during the next month.

All four clues have been posted and when you have all four drawings completed you're invited to share them.   Here are your clues:

  1. Something blew
  2. Something true 
  3. Something to chew
  4. An old shoe

 (The Sketching Scavenger Hunt is not connected to our Saturday Sketching event.)

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