Wednesday, April 16, 2014

West Village and the MET

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make to the last urban sketch meeting on Saturday. However, I was able to make it into the city Thursday the 11th. I'm not very familiar with East Village so I thought I'd spend the day there sketching.
Some quick sketches of other NJ Transit Passengers. I do these really quick in pen with no pencil outlining
The Jefferson Market Library has always caught my eye I enjoy its High Victorian Gothic architecture. It has so many interesting details that were fun to explore while drawing. This is the quick pencil outline. 30 Minutes.
The final sketch.
I later spent some time sketching people in Washington Square Park.

Monday the 14th I returned to the city to visit the Metropolitan Museum to sketch statues to sketch statues/sculptures/artifacts I found intriguing.
People on the NJ transit again. Notice a trend? The page on the right is a lady reading in Starbucks later that day.
The first Statue is the "Andromeda and the Sea Monster" by Domenico Guidi. Second is Dionysos on an Archaistic Female Figure.

The second half of the spread I sketched one of the patterns of an Islamic star-shaped tile. Seeing Islamic art always takes me back to the childhood in Spain, having lived in Malaga and Sevilla for a total of 5 years.  The floral design in this tile gorgeous, there were so many to choose from but this one for some reason caught my attention. The statue is "The Vine" by Harriet W. Frishmuth from 1923, an elegant pose that just happened to fit perfectly into the page.
After the MET I wandered the city, I visited the St Patricks Cathedral but it's currently under construction so you can't even see the building! The following sketches were done at starbucks and waiting at Penn Station for the train. I'm really trying to learn how to capture poses quickly. I need at least 30 seconds to get the pose down. It helps if they're talking to somebody or waiting for something.



  1. Great Josiah. Like you I've been drawn to the Jefferson Market Library. Your sketch is wonderful

    1. Thanks Mark, I'd love to see your sketch! It's a remarkable building.

  2. Josiah, you had a really productive day! Great sketches of the people, the museum artifacts and the building!!


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