Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hoboken Sketch Crawl: Thank You USK NYC, and See you in Paris!

Pier C Park in Hoboken, New Jersey. Rendering so many curves while keeping the perspective has always been daunting, but luckily caffeine helped! I also included bits of the Manhattan skyline (the tall pointed shape in the background is the Empire State Building) as well as the edge of the waterfront promenade.

After more caffeine in the afternoon, I experimented with combining several locations into one drawing and tying all of them with the theme of windows. Hoboken was an ideal place for this game, as most residential buildings have kept or restored their brickwork and window frames. After a century of use, it is also interesting to see how series of windows that were identical at the time of construction are now painted and decorated in different ways as a result of their respective owners' taste and budget. Another interesting thing to notice is that even contemporary constructions seem to mimic the window patterns (the top left window belongs to a building that seems to be less than 10 year old).

Today's session was my last sketching session with USK NYC, as I am moving back to Paris for an undefined period of time - depending on where I end up finding a job. I has been a pleasure to be part of USK NYC, and I will certainly perpetuate the tradition wherever I go!


  1. Great post! The windows theme is very successful. Good luck in Paris, Jimmy.

  2. Jimmy, great post and wonderful sketches! It has been a pleasure sketching with you while you were here in NYC. We will miss having you with us. Good luck in Paris...maybe our paths will cross again!

  3. You will be missed Jimmy. Thanks for sharing your time, your thoughts and your sketches. Good luck back in Paris. Until next time!

  4. Nice sketches Jimmy. I hope you will continue to sketch, and maybe find a group to continue on with in your new location. Paris is not such a bad place to relocate to. Good luck.


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