Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sketchcrawling in Hoboken

On my way to Hoboken this morning I managed to do a bit of sketching on the LIRR. Their high backed seats really make it hard to get good views of people...unlike the subway where everyone is facing you head on.

Our day in Hoboken was great, and we had a pretty good turnout. Here are a few photos from over by Piers A & C of everyone working.

My first sketch was of the Ferry Terminal.

And then I did the Vietnam Memorial by the splashing fountains.

At Pier C I sketched the view toward the island park.

My mind must have been on food since I sketched a cafe next. LOL

Before we headed off for lunch everyone shared their work from the morning. It was great seeing everyone's work and meeting the newcomers!

Then it was off to lunch. There was a bit of sketching done at the table.

I did sketches of a few people.

Luckily we moved on to sketching buildings which I am much more successful with. LOL

These were done down at the corner of First Street & Garden Street.

Around 4:30 we went back to the terminal and shared our sketchbooks again.
We had an amazing array of great sketches. This is just a part of what was created today.

A few sketchers had already left for the day but we did a few group photos before leaving.
Richard was taking the photos so he is missing from them.

Please make sure you continue reading
and see the post below this written by Jimmy.
Today was his last day sketching with the group. 
He is moving back to Paris tomorrow night.
He will be missed!!! Expect visitors, Jimmy!

I spent some time trying to upload the photos and sketches to but haven't been successful yet. I've been doing exactly what I did the last time but the photos are not going in. I will work on it tomorrow again. 


  1. What a great summary of a wonderful Sketch Crawl Joan. I'd like to add that what you don't see looking at Joan's individual pictures posted online, is the full impact of her work. Joan created her own sketchbook, which has a complicated fan-fold structure. When you see her work all the pictures are connected and reel-out telling the story of her sketching life. It's fantastic to see!

  2. Nice reportage of your day. Once again you managed to do a wide variety of subject matter.


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