Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sketching Columbia University, July 19, 2014

We had beautiful sketching weather and a knowledgable guide.  Gene was able to give us the "insiders" view of Columbia from the vantage of his many years working there.

Saint Paul's Chapel
Although the library might be the most famous building on campus, I loved St. Paul's Chapel and found the mix of rounds and rectangles interesting to sketch.

Bellerophon Taming Pegasus
I guessed Picasso, but that would be wrong. Jacques Lipchitz was commissioned to create the 23 ton sculpture that adornes the Law School building on the Columbia Campus  When approached, Lipchitz purportedly told the committee that they weren't going to get a blindfolded justice sculpture holding the scales of justice.  It's a jumble of forms, some human-like others horse-like.  Jim did a version that I hope he posts that had beautiful color.

We Morning Group Portrait
We had a couple of first time sketchers join us including Susan, Ileana and Emma - welcome.

At the end of the day we went to a sidewalk restaurant and after ordering drinks we all started sketching.  Susan clued me to the woman sitting behind us.  I moved my seat for a better view of what I took to be a true New York character.  A woman, easily in her 80's was wearing every bright color of the rainbow and seemed to have one of those larger than life theatrical personas.  My quick sketch as she perused the menu doesn't begin to do her justice.


  1. Love all your sketches but especially love the lady with the hat. Of course I would.

  2. Looks like a fun day, especially with Gene as your guide. Of course Susan would notice a "character" and you are so good at capturing the essence of anyone you sketch. Good job!

  3. I like how you sketched the chapel and made the size and shape more manageable. That woman came out great also. She sure was colorful!


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