Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paying some old debts

In the past half a year I have become a more or less regular Saturday sketcher, but not really a blogger. In my attempt to post more regularly, I am starting with some old debts.

Grand Central

George Washington Bridge (view from Riverside Dr at 181 St)

Food Emporium (under the Queensborough Bridge)

La fete de la musique (at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn) 

I have also become more interested in watercolors recently, especially in working "loosely", with as little pencil as possible. I think the results do look loose, sometimes even looser than I would like. But I find it really enjoyable to let go of lines so this is something I will keep working on.

Chinatown (Mott and Bayard)

The Little Red Light house (under the George Washington Bridge)

Dyckman Farmhouse in Inwood

Church of Michael the Archangel in Cheboksary (the town in Russia where I grew up)

The sculpture of Pan on the campus of Columbia University


  1. The debt is paid! These are wonderful Svetlana. Two details I really enjoyed, among many, the man silhouetted in the window of the food emporium and the richness of your shadows in the red lighthouse.

  2. We missed you this week. So glad to see you posting from our various locations. I love the strength of you ink sketch of Grand Central as well as the ones you did just in watercolor. Thanks for posting them!

  3. Finally made it back with the group this past Saturday--sorry not to see you there. Your sketches are all beautiful and so varied. My fave, though, is the really loose watercolor in Chinatown.


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