Thursday, July 31, 2014

SUNDAY - Sketch The Aerial Lotus Gardens, August 3, 2014

Please note:  This sketch is planned for SUNDAY, ... not our usual weekend date.

The Lotus Garden, 
a community garden 
on West 97th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Years before the Highline, Urban Gardeners on the Upper West Side created a unique and virtually unknown piece of paradise on the roof of the garage of the Columbia condominium, on West 97th Street.  It is only open the public for a few hours on Sunday’s during the summer months. We will discover  a sixth of an acre supporting mature trees, shrubs and serpentine paths curving around clumps of fragrant plantings maintained by 30 gardeners of various ages and experience levels.

You can read more about this treasure in a New York Time article about the Garden, or by visiting their website.

Because the Gardens don't open until 1 PM
our first stop will be to sketch the Hudson River views at Riverside Park.

Part One:  At 10:00 Meet Riverside Park (96th Stree and Riverside Drive)

Part Two:  Lunch at 12:00

Part Three: The Lotus Garden:  at 1:00 PM(Look for the gate just to the east of the garage on the south side of West 97th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.)  The Garden is open until 4 PM.

Take the 1,2 or 3 train to 96th Street and walk west for two blocks to Riverside Park.

This event was suggested by Raylie Dunkle and Mary Lynch.  
Many thanks to you both for your creative ideas.

If you can’t find us
call Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees or attendance taken. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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