Thursday, January 1, 2015

Essex Market - Late Post

It's taken a long time for me to post the sketches from the great day we had two weeks ago.

The Main Event was sketching the Essex Market.

Rainbo's Fish at the Essex Market

The morning sketch was at Rainbo's Market where they had just set up for the day when I started.

The Heritage Meat Shop

After lunch we had time for a quick sketch.  This took 20 minutes.  He seemed to be cleaning the meat slicing machine.  Working fast can be exhilarating.

I got the the Lower East Side early and had time to kill.  I started sketching at McDonalds and soon had an interested volunteer.  Dave sat for a quick portrait sketch and sat perfectly still.  He seemed pleased with the result (always a risk when you sketch strangers).

Dave sat patiently

All the rest of the work was done at Dr. Sketchy's.  It's not Urban Sketching in the strictest sense but it's a lot of fun and challenging.  The theme was Russian Fairy Tales and the costumes were appropriate to the subject.  They gave a special shout-out to Urban Sketchers thanks to Pat's initiative and we gave out USk cards to people who said they were interested.

It was a great day and our last sketch together for 2014.  Hello 2015!


  1. Great sketches, looks like you had a great day. All the images captured movement so well.

  2. Wonderful sketches! Mark, what is the pen you are using in the Dr. Sketchy sketches? I love your loose lines! Reminds me of Veronica Lawlor's style.

    - Tina

  3. Both venues were fun in different ways. You did a great job of capturing both. Looking forward to sketching with the group in the new year!

  4. Hi Tina - I used a new Noodlers pen. It's their Neponset model and has a Music nib. I had it loaded with Noodlers Polar Black (waterproof) ink. The music nib makes it a particularly juicy pen, - which I love. I found the pen thru Marie Roberts, who is both passionate and very knowledgeable about fountain pens. I tried Marie's Neponset and fell in love with it.

    1. Thanks for the pen report! I just got a Platinum pen with a music nib, but I can see I need more practice getting the beautiful line variation you're getting!

  5. Mark, beautiful sketches as always. Your Mr Sketchy drawings are so full of life.


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