Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sketching the Transit Museum

It was my first visit to the Transit Museum and I loved it.  If you're there to sketch the big decision is whether to sketch the subway cars or not.  On Sunday I was more drawn to the gadgets and devices they had on display:

Before computerized MetroCards you needed money to get onto the Transit System.  That meant dealing with a Fare Box that counted the money, and sometimes getting change from the driver. It's hard to imagine a world filled with Change Dispensers when we're busy becoming a society that pays with our phones.

Turn of the Century Alarms and Meters

I started the day in a Starbucks.  There was an interesting guy there who I sketched.  He had the air of a homeless person in many ways but he was also covered in jewelry, including bracelets and necklaces. He was sitting under a spotlight which showed off the deep shadows of his cheek bones.

And of course, no sketch day is complete without the Mandatory picture of Jim.  Here's mine:

Jim sipping hot coffee on a cold day

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  1. The gadgets are great! Jim looks like he was trying to warm up, but the other man looks like a regal king in his own world. Good sketches!


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