Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sketching Killer Heels

Outside it was awful, - rain, sleet and eventually snow.  Inside, we sketched away at the great Brooklyn Museum show - Killer Heels.  It was better and more fun than even I expected, and I'm always expecting a great time.

During lunch I got a chance to do my Mandatory Jim picture:

(Jim said the sketch should be called Mandatory Jim on Acid.)

After lunch I explored the museum and found the Crossing Brooklyn show.  They had an exhibit called Pimp My Piragua.  The artist Miguel Luciano piece commemorates the innovations of Latino street vendors, transforming a traditional pushcart for selling shaved ice (Piraguas) into a hyper-modified pushcart-tricycle with a hi-fi sound and video system.   I loved sketching it.

We left at 3:30 and went to Tooker's Alley, a really nice bar and restaurant a block from the museum.  Their tagline is "Elevate Your Mind to a Lower Level of Thinking".  I'm not sure if we succeeded but after Show and Tell, and swapping sketching stories, sharing art supplies and drinking Elissa called me over to her seat.  She had a great view of a very thin elegant woman in a striking black dress.  Her hair was up and she sat as if she were posing.  I sketched as fast as I could.  We shared our drawings with Danielle who seemed delighted.


  1. Love the girl in profile... simple, elegant, expressive.

  2. She had such great posture!!! Great sketches from the day, Mark! The shoes are perfect with the washy ink and the jolts of color!!


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