Sunday, January 4, 2015

High Heels and More

Yesterday's outing to the Brooklyn Museum was fun. I'm glad I'm at the stage where I can look at high heels and appreciate them by sketching them not wearing them.

The red ones kept calling me. I know the website said "dry media" but I did pull out my little palette and none of the guards seemed to care. I needed my red paint!

The sign said these were worn in bathhouses of the Ottoman Empire so the women would keep their feet deep was the water? lol

These were a contrast of old and new.

At lunchtime I did a quick mandatory Jim sketch.

Then it was off to sketch this statue of Robert Fulton by Caspar Buberl.

There was a big crowd at the coat check and I did a few of the people.

After sharing at Tooker Alley we had time to do a few sketches of each other.
It was hard seeing what we were doing in the dim conditions.


  1. Love the shoes, Joan!! Wish I could see this show! A-HA -- so you sneak in paints too, just like me! ;-)

    - Tina

  2. Joan it looks like the shoes really spoke to you. Would like to see more.

  3. Thanks, Tina. It was a fun show...probably would have been better on a day it wasn't so crowded. Yes, I sneak in things. Having been a teacher you would think I would follow instructions better. many little time. LOL Thanks.

  4. Joan, I love the fearless way you set up your watercolors anywhere and produce beautiful work–even in the middle of a shoe exhibit!

  5. > I needed my red paint!

    And you did great things with the red paint.
    The bathhouse platform shoe is fantastic
    And your Mandatory Jim picture is one of the nicest likeness we've ever done of him

  6. Laura, I'm persistent. LOL Thanks.

    Mark, thanks. I seem to get a better likeness the faster I sketch. On the way home I stopped at Dick Blick on LI and bought a red watercolor pencil. I should have bought several to keep in every bag I have. I'm always thinking my red paint in my palette isn't really red enough.

  7. Those are some great shoes! You really captured their personality!

  8. Love these sketches. You captured the feel of the city so well. So nice to have fellow artists to enjoy this with.


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